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Archive for the 'Humor' Category

The Golem by Avram Davidson

Thursday, March 17th, 2011
spoken word, odd stuff, Humor, Science Fiction | Comments

In which we read a wonderful short short story by Mr. Avram Davidson, giving us a new twist on an old legend.

The original is a bit long to quote here, but you can read along at the Art-Anima site which has been kind enough to quote the text in its entirety.

Alternative, you can visit SLIDESHARE for the PDF.

I had a fun (and difficult) time conjuring up the voices for this one.  Enjoy!

I Had a Hammer, by Frank Key

Friday, February 4th, 2011
spoken word, Weird Fiction, Surrealism, Humor | Comments


Once again, we visit the twisted world of Mr. Frank Key.  I had planned to do a reading of a dadaist writer that I much revere, but I kept blowing the pronunciation in rehearsal, so back to Mr. Key I went.  It seems fitting, doesn't it?  Frank Key always delivers.  Don't believe me?  Go visit Hooting Yard, you'll see!  Youuuuu'llll seeee!

In this piece, Mr. Key shows us a new twist on an old song.

How to De-Fang Your Venomous Serpent, by Frank Key

Friday, January 7th, 2011
spoken word, Surrealism, Humor, Sardonic Words | Comments

In which the humble narrator recites some sound advice from Mr. Frank Key on the issue of defanging venomous serpents of a particularly aggressive demeanor.