Airy Persiflage

The Abysss Triumphant, by Clark Ashton Smith (in a Hospital Parking Garage)

April 18, 2020

Clark Ashton Smith

I prefer uploading audio files to this site directly, but sometimes I have to improvise.  I have been recording audio snippets during the COVID epidemic lately, sometimes on my Iphone.  In this case, when I was in a parking garage in a medical facility in Virginia, taking a family member to take care of an emergency, which was difficult enough during an epidemic. 

What can I say about Clark Ashton Smith that other more learned people say better than me?  I  think he was Lovecraft's superior, certainly in poetry, but perhaps on par with his prose fiction.  Here is a short poem by Smith, courtesy of the website the Eldritch Dark, entitled The Abyss Triumphant.  I apologize, but the link will take you to Instagram.  Shrug! 


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