Airy Persiflage

The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl, by Ray Bradbury

August 25, 2020

picture from "Touch and Go" from Eerie Comics, a retelling of this story.

This is a memorable short story from Ray Bradbury, most notable as an influential science fiction writer from the 1940s through the 1980s.  I was reading "Choke! Gasp! The Best of 75 years of EC Comics" today and the story illustrated above, "Touch and Go" seemed incredibly familiar.  It took a little digging to jog my memory but I remembered the story and the source, a short story by Bradbury published in Detective Magazine in 1948 (as "Touch and Go", then renamed for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine as "the Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl").  Bradbury isn't credited in the EC Comics anthology, so I hope he got paid.  It's a great short story about paranoia and obsession.  

Read by Walter O'Hara, written by Ray Bradbury, 1948

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