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The Fungi from Yuggoth, by H.P. Lovecraft. Sixth Reading, parts 15-18. We gain some ground

May 14, 2020

The Fungi From Yuggoth, by HPL

This is the Sixth Reading in the Fungi from Yuggoth Project, and it contains Sonnets 15, 16, 17 and 18.

The Fungi from Yuggoth is a sonnet sequence by supernatural horror writer H.P. Lovecraft that constitute a continuous first-person narrative. It concerns a person who obtains an ancient book of esoteric knowledge that allows one to travel to other planets and strange parts of the universe. The title is a term for the Mi-Go, an alien race the narrator encounters, which are fungoid beings resembling crustaceans which hail from the planet Yuggoth, to which the narrator has unwittingly traveled.

XV. Antarktos
A 'great bird' tells the narrator of a mountain in a polar region that might hold an untold city buried underneath.

XVI. The Window
The narrator entered a house which, in a back room, had a stone-sealed window which he recognized he looked into in his dreams, and he removed the seal to find untold worlds beyond it.

XVII. A Memory
The narrator found an expansive land of steppes and rocky table-lands inhabited by alien beings, and was met by someone who referred to him by name who would tell him where he was: the man he encountered before had brought him home.

XVIII. The Gardens of Yin
The narrator approached The Gardens of Yin, a beautiful garden behind stone walls, but found that it was aged and no longer the beautiful garden it was as the gate was gone.

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