Airy Persiflage

The Fungi from Yuggoth, by HP Lovecraft, Tenth (and final) reading, Parts 31-36

July 14, 2020

And thus we come to the end of Lovecraft's epic poem, the Fungi from Yuggoth, which has ranged all over the place.  I've enjoyed this project, it's been ambitious.  Thirty Six Stanzas!! 

I apologize for some of the audio spikes here and there.. my older snowball microphone may be giving up the ghost.  Fortunately, I have a replacement.

XXXI. The Dweller
The narrator enters a dream city version of Babylon where he saw a series on unearthed tombs opening to release walked out and into a 'gate of eternal night'.

XXXII. Alienation
The narrator then describes a man whose body has passed across space and saw many planets including Yaddith and then came back unable to perceive the world the same way again.

XXXIII. Harbour Whistles
The narrator describes harbor whistles in a night-lit town to meet a shipping line of mysterious forces manifesting into cosmic drones, and left with little sign they were there after that.

XXXIV. Recapture
The narrator entered the gate and was lead down to enter a lava-covered monstrous mound that had stairs not fit for a man, shrieking at him.

XXXV. Evening Star
An evening star shined on the narrator from the shades of a meadow, grown bigger, showing him pictures that he depicts as calling from home.

XXXVI. Continuity
The narrator then enters an aether linked to all the laws of time and space, locking dimensions, and one beam of light sent him back home on old farm building set against a hill.

Previous Reads:

First Reading Parts 1 & 2: The Book and Pursuit
Second Reading Parts 3 & 4: The Key and Recognition
Third Reading Parts 5 & 6: Homecoming and The Lamp
Fourth Reading Parts 7-9: Zaman's Hill, The Port & The Courtyard
Fifth Reading Parts 10-14: The Pigeon Flyers, The Well, Hesperia & The Star Winds
Sixth Reading Parts 15-18: Antartakos, The Window, A Memory & Gardens of Yin
Seventh Reading Parts 19-22: The Bells, Night Gaunts, Nyarlathotep & Azathoth
Eighth Reading Parts 23-26: The Mirage, The Canal, St. Toad's & The Familiars
Ninth Reading Parts 27-30: The Elder Pharos, Expentency, Nostalgia & Background
Tenth (Final) Reading Parts 31-36: The Dweller, Alienation, Harbour Whistles, Recapture, Evening Star & Continuity

Thank you for your patience thus far.  This ends the reading.


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